When you select a Classic Rock Theme Party you are basically saying "Show Me the Way" to "Rock & Roll All Night"!  You won't have to Spend a lot of "Money" or "Time"!  We will leave Elvis at "The Heartbreak Hotel", Jump over "The Wall" and you will "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"!

Add or large sound system and we will clear the "Purple Haze" from your mind!

We can start out with a "Slow Hand" and "Walk Like A Man", catch

A flight on the "Jefferson Airplane" or fly sky High on the "Starship"!

We can drink a little "Cream" as we listen to "The Tales of

"Brave Ulysses"!  Go on up to the "Cross Roads" and take a right

on the good old "Rockie Mountain Way"!



Or we could join "Deep Purple" and go "Space Truckin'"  Add in our small rock concert lighting system with

smoke machines and you will start to see the "Smoke On The Water"  You will not have to go far to see

"My Woman From Tokyo" we can catch her down on the old "Green River"!  You will not have to be a

"Back Door Man" or say to yourself "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" or Hell's Bells!


Do not "Go Ask Alice When Your Ten Feet Tall"  or go looking for the "White Rabbit" just give us a call and book your Classic Rock Party today!

From AC DC to ZZ Top!


Contrary to popular belief Bill and Ed are not Related to Pink Floyd!



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